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AirStat – Air Quality Index and Weather Forecast iOS Application

AirStat – A single Utility App for Air Quality Index & Weather Forecast iOS Application

Everyone wants to have a look at how air polluted in their area and how much is going to affect their health. Appsvolt created Weather App with the Air Quality Index. Its always better to have a Weather forecast and Air Pollution Level Index handy before you make any plan.

With AirStat,  you will get the weather forecast for your city and gives Air Quality Index (AQI) level so you can check how the air is polluted and is it safe for your health to hangout.  We are using data from government sites to give you a perfect weather forecast with AQI. It is very important to know the level of AQI especially if you are allergic.

Air Quality Index
Get AQI Level for your City.

Get Weather Forecast for your City.

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