Benefits of Choosing PHP for Enterprise Software

Businesses across the globe are vying to achieve more and quicker. And enterprise software proves to be the key. Choosing the right platform for building one is essentially important as there are a number of options available. But businesses always want a solution or platform with a proven history of successful and seamless integration. It’s a no brainer that PHP remains at the top of their choice for businesses looking for seamless software as well as for software development companies in Sacramento California.

Enterprise Software at a Glance

Enterprise software is a business management tool aimed at specific requirements of an organization. To elaborate, it offers a variety of solutions that revolve around your day to day operational activities. It could be an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System, or a CMS (Content Management System).

A good enterprise software must be robust, scalable and secure. It should have several other features that make your day to day operations a breeze. This is why PHP framework is considered the first choice for enterprise software development.

Reasons PHP is the best Framework for Enterprise Applications

Performance & Scalability

PHP is equipped with a number of tools such as Redis, APC and Memcached. It results in faster load times. It is a known fact that PHP is quite powerful and known for its scalability. PHP 5.6 and 7 are known for offering performance and scalability of the next level.

Community Support

Since it is an open source language, it has a vast community of PHP developers from across the globe. The support from experienced and skilled PHP developers from across the globe with experience in common web technologies such as CSS 3, MySQL, JS Frameworks, MongoDB among others, is a definite advantage. Software development companies in Sacramento, California love PHP for this very reason.

Development Speed & Reasonable Cost

PHP is known for quick development cycles. It is an advantage to both businesses and companies doing PHP development in Sacramento California. No wonder, renowned platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook and WordPress were made using PHP. Besides, PHP framework is known for offering solutions at reasonable costs.

Sustainable PHP Application Support

What matters to businesses post development of an enterprise software is maintenance. PHP has always been particularly careful about long term support. It might interest you that the previous LTS version 5.6 which was released in year 2014 received support until 2018. By choosing a PHP version now, you can rest assured about the official PHP support for the next 5 years to come. LTS warrantees that any bugs or vulnerabilities will be taken care of by the PHP engineers.

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