Intenet of Things (IoT) adding values to Hospitality Industry

IoT (Internet of Things) – a fastest growing network of connected devices (or sensors) which can communicate with the server as well as each other internally – “It is about more than just connectivity”. The real useful things are the big data generated by those devices, That big data is very much useful for predictive applications to take efficient and smart decision-making process which is profitable in the hospitality industry.

IoT is having huge capabilities for the hospitality industry in order to increase the efficiency and better customer service as well. IoT helps hospitality industry to reduced costs and improve the guest experience.

For the customers, IoT can improve comfort and more personalized stay. A hotel room can be automated where guests can control room appliances from their TV or mobile applications. For any event in the hotel, we can offer more control over the temperature of the amphitheater during a keynote based on how many attendees are in the room? Also, we can send services to the room once our system informs us automatically when guests are done with their meals or once guests will check out. Guest’s mobile devices can play the big part here as well. It can be used for check into a hotel and unlock their room will give seamless hospitality experience. Guest’s preferences provided by mobile with the guest’s permission can be used for future stays at the hotel.

For the hotels, IoT can save the cost by using optimal resources efficiently. The IoT devices can save electricity by automating the lighting where it will be adjusted with respect to the natural light in a suite. Also, it will cut off the electricity when the room is not obtained and saves the cost without hazarding a guest’s comfort. IoT can improve maintenance as well in the hospitality industry like equipment is detected ahead of time and addressed before it becomes a problem and the hotel does not have to shuffle the rooms due to broken equipment and this will improve the customer satisfaction.

Imagine a hotel experience in the future. You open your favorite hotel loyalty app and within seconds you book the room with the east-facing view and one king bed. The next day, your app gets notified that your plane landed and calls an Uber to the baggage claim, your Uber driver already knows where you’re headed. Your app knows when you arrive at the hotel drop-off and sends you turn-by-turn directions straight to your room. The front desk staff welcomes you by name and asks if you need anything, but you don’t. You go straight to the room, unlock the door on your mobile app via Bluetooth. Once the door opens, the lights turn on, the shades open, the TV turns on and greets you by name on the screen. The room is already heated to your favorite temperature and the same candy bar you ordered last time is waiting for you on your pillow.

Companies like Hilton and Starwood are even offering their guests the ability to check in and unlock their doors all through their mobile apps using Bluetooth wireless communication. Using keyless entry, these brands are lowering their labor costs while increasing guest satisfaction all by saving time otherwise spent at the front desk. Some platform provides boasts, that having an ability for hotels to control the guest-room IoT products through the same guest loyalty apps that unlock the door, such as lights, power outlets & temperature settings.

IoT provides leverage to Hotels in this competitive market. IoT in hospitality industry introduces customer experience to another level, and hotels precede their competitors.

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