Billing & Insurance Management System

Project Description

Billing and Insurance Management System for Hospitals & Clinics

Billing and Insurance Management System for Hospitals & Clinics to manage Invoices, Billing, and Insurance management. Solution deals with generating invoices manage receivables & payments; manage insurance companies and their packages. Billing and Insurance Management System generates invoices for patients once doctor/nurse diagnosis completed. The System integrated with Patient Management System to provide Billing and Insurance Solution. For non-insured patients, the system can update the payment in form of cash & cards, while for insured patients invoices sent to insurance companies and can be updated once payment received.

The Billing and Insurance Management System also handle day to day accounting activities and manages receivables & payments. The System also manages Insurance companies & their packages. All the medical insurance companies and their packages added in the system. In case, any new company or package introduced, it can be easily added to the system and at the same time, any insurance company or package can be edited and deleted. Apart from this, the System generates various reports which help in decision making.

  • Invoice & Billing Management

  • Insurance Management

  • Account Management

  • Report Management

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