Pharmacy Management System with Inventory Management

Project Description

Pharmacy Management System with Inventory Management

Pharmacy Management System with Inventory Management, Customer & Supplier Management and also deals with generating invoices manage receivables & payments; manage the day to day expenses & Employees. The system manages all the buying, selling, return of goods which help them to keep records inventory. They can select the lower level for each product so the system will remind them to make an order while item reaches to that level. The system helps pharmacy to make products kit so that each time they don’t need to add each product during the sales.

Pharmacy Management System also focusing on managing suppliers & customers and receivables & payments. The system helps Pharmacy Company to manage invoices & taxes, day to day expenses and discounts and gift cards.

Pharmacy Management System developed using Core PHP & jQuery and used Amazon Cloud Services.

  • Product Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Customers & Suppliers Management

  • Invoices & Account Management

Demo Available on Request

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