Social Networking Application with B2B eCommerce

Project Description

Social Networking Application with B2B eCommerce

Jain International Organisation is a community NGO in India with 1 Million+ Members. It has various community projects and activities like Group Buying, Healthcare Wellness Plan Offering at very competitive rates and Education for its members globally. It has a volume of approx 100k+ product/services sales per week.  Apart from Social Networking, it also provides B2B eCommerce with Hyperlocal Vendor/Customer online ordering based on area code for doorstep delivery. This Application has SMS & App based quick ordering system by just adding the product to cart from offers posted by local vendors (Brick & Mortar Shop). Gave a great boost to local small shop in competing with big giant outlet

  • Social Networking

  • Product & Order Management

  • Insurance Plan Management

  • Payment Gateway

  • Vendor – Customer Management


Technology Stake