Software Product Development

A typical product goes through conceptualization, refinement of the product idea, a realization of the idea into a full-fledged product, the advancement of a product, and thereafter implementation and support of the product in the market

Today, growing companies face the challenge of complex IT ecosystems that demand more resources and specialized expertise every day. Meanwhile, users gaining power through Mobile and Cloud technologies. DASGlobTech has the necessary experience to work with Product Companies and Enterprise Clients to support a product through its full life-cycle.

In such a disruptive operational ecosystem, the challenges arising from dynamic complexities and demands cannot be tackled with conventional product portfolio optimization techniques. Organizations constantly redesign their business offering portfolios to remain relevant in a competitive global business environment.

Software Product Development Process

We participate from early stages of concept development and inculcate ourselves in business case development, competitive analysis, cost-benefit & ROI analysis, and technical due diligence. This involves rapid prototyping and coming up with a Proof-of-Concept, designing user interfaces, selecting technology, tools, and feasibility testing.

This comprises of product planning, engineering design, designing the architecture of the product, developing and testing. Customization, configuration, and integration with other Business applications are some of the implementation tasks taken up. To Match the market needs. And finally deployment on a scalable hosting including few options such as Cloud and CDN services.

Releasing enhanced versions, mobility, interop, legacy migration, globalization, localization, testing & performance tuning are some of the services we offer as part of product enhancement services.

SEO, Marketing Design Services, Technical Support, Long term, and Short term Maintenance and Support SLA’s.

Let’s start converting your ideas into reality! DASGlobTech team aspire to build your dream product.