Which eCommerce platforms best for you WooCommerce or Magento?

Magento and WooCommerce both are very useful platforms for eCommerce services, but important questions are which platforms best for your business. Both platforms are very popular and open-source. Magento and WooCommerce both allow owners to add unlimited products & custom options. Both platforms provide well-managed admin interface and can add/manage blogs to make website SEO friendly.

In both platforms, you can add Google Analytics to review the success of your online store. Lots of free and paid well-managed themes are available for both platforms. Both have large numbers of user community by which you can take help for any issues or take a more knowledge.

Which one is the right choice for you?

Both platforms have many excellent features and widely popular. So it’s not easy to choose which one is best for you. Let’s take an overview of key features with pros and cons !!!


WooCommerce is very popular plugins for WordPress. WooCommerce is very easy and handy tools for WordPress users. It provides almost all functionality which an essential to managing your online store. Its also provide a customized extension to extend the capability of your store.

WooCommerce is very simpler which is just good for starting out. It provides to rate products, to feature bestseller etc and you can do anything more complex with the provided add-on.

Key features

  • Very easy to manage.
  • Detailed technical knowledge may not require in managing the store.
  • You can add unlimited products to your store with product gallery, description, price, stock etc which are very important.
  • It provides lots of best-advanced to extend the functionality


  • We can easily set up and manage the store.
  • Lots of help is available for WooCommerce.
  • Easy to pick up who has experience with WordPress.
  • Open source platform.
  • Provide an API by which you can connect with the third party.


  • WordPress knowledge is required to create a store with WooCommerce
  • WordPress frequently update their software, sometimes WooCommerce plugin may not quickly adapt to the WordPress updates which affect your online store.
  • Theme customization can be costly.


Magento is most powerful and widely used eCommerce platform. Magento provides two Editions. One as Community which is powerful and well-managed and other is Enterprise which is preferable for large companies.

You can assign cross-sell & up-sell to your products, compare products functionality, discounted coupon codes and best-advanced filter to navigate your store products.

Key Features

  • Provide a support to manage unlimited products
  • Provide an inbuilt theme and layout which you can customize as per requirement.
  • Best admin interface with products, orders, customer, invoice management etc.


  • If you have the best hosting then you can create a larger store with Magento.
  • Best shopping experience seamless checkout process.
  • Its more secure and little chance to get hacked.
  • Its provide multi-store, multi-view and multi-website functionality by default.


  • Its much complicated for customization so well skilled developer required to manage store properly.
  • It needs better server configuration than WooCommerce.

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