Make the Most of React Native for Mobile App Development

The number of mobile and hand-held device users is increasing at an exponential speed. If stats can be believed, there will be about 2.87 billion mobile users by 2020. Businesses and mobile app development companies are following a cross-platform approach to give their users a great mobile app experience. React native development companies in Sacramento, California prefer using React Native for a faster and efficient mobile app development.

In this post we will take a look at some of the reasons why React Native is the best mobile app development framework and how you can make the most of it-

1. Code reusability

React Native allows users to use the same code for multiple platforms of different operating systems. Using the code with accuracy is integral to mobile app development. React Native helps users save their precious time and efforts. This is why software development companies in Sacramento, California are fond of React Native.

2. Single Codebase for Multiple Platforms

Only one language is required for multiple platforms due to single codebase. Developers do not need to have expertise in a number of programming languages. It helps the management and developers to get the work done at a faster speed.

3. Easy Maintenance

React Native apps are pretty easy to maintain. Errors and bug detection becomes a cakewalk because of single codebase. Businesses prefer easy maintenance apps because they save a lot of time and effort. React Native apps certainly have an edge over others as they can be maintained easily.

4. Great User Experience and User Interface (UX & UI)

Unparalleled user experience and user interface is another major benefit of using React Native apps. React Native is a preferred choice for React Native development companies in Sacramento, California because it offers consistency in look and feel.

5. Cost-Effective Mobile App Development

React Native is a great mobile app development framework for businesses of all sizes, but particularly for start-ups and small scale enterprises, because it offers a low cost mobile app development. According to React native development companies in Sacramento, California, the development costs can be lowered through smooth debugging it offers. App developers are able to concurrently debug the apps through DevTools, without interrupting the ongoing app development process.

React Native allows users to build native components which can be reused for both iOS and Android versions. The benefit of reusing a vast codebase helps reduce development costs by a significant margin. The same code can be used for mobile apps as well as for the web view.

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